Seven Directions is committed to transforming Indigenous public health practice to achieve a vision of wellness.  That means thinking in the old ways to solve contemporary challenges.

We all have the responsibility to make sure that we honor the past and look at the future for continuing improvement for all of our people, all of our relatives, and our families.
We all have lessons to learn for wherever you’ll be going.

– Dr. Michael Trujillo, Keynote Speaker, Our Nations Our Journeys Forum, August 2016


    We unite voices with a shared vision to for healthy and vibrant Native communities.  We uncover opportunities to build organizational capacities by bridging diverse expertise with cultural wisdom.  Join our community of practice to listen, grow, and share with other public health professionals dedicated to expanding wellness in Native communities.

    Join the Community of Practice


    Indigenous communities maintain a holistic view of health and healing.  Health services are more impactful when they are grounded in the culture.  We design sustainable systems that balance traditional knowledge with innovation to improve health.

    Health System Transformation


    Solutions to our health challenges are found at the community level. We uncover opportunities to revitalize and reaffirm Indigenous knowledge to better understand and address contemporary challenges.

    Research and Evaluation


    Investing resources in growing our workforce and capacity among Tribal and Urban Indian communities and organizations is essential to improving health.  By strengthening our internal capacity – the competencies, relationships, and resources – we increase our ability to make a difference.

    Workforce and Capacity

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