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Who We Are

We are a public health institute.

We are the first national public health institute in the United States to focus solely on improving Indigenous health and wellness. We are committed to cultivating and sharing knowledge, connecting communities and resources, and working to achieve shared goals for future generations.

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What We Do

We bring Indigenous knowledge and worldview to public health practice.

We prioritize Indigenous knowledge and traditional practices to improve community health.  We seek opportunities to integrate cultural beliefs and practices into public health and health care services.

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Why We Do It

Indigenous people know the pathway forward.

Indigenous Peoples are the original architects of wellness systems – ways of life that kept us and our environment healthy. Together, we can advance a shared vision for vibrant, healthy American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

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We bring people together who have the health and wellness of American Indian and Alaska Native people at the heart of what they do.  Join our community of practice to listen, grow, and share with other public health professionals dedicated to supporting healthy communities.



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Our Story

Seven Directions was born from a desire to create greater connectivity across the many tribes, communities and organizations that have the health and wellness of American Indian and Alaska Native people at the heart of what they do.  With support from a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, an exploration began in 2011 to determine the value and desirability of an Indigenous focused public health institute (PHI). The exploration was guided by a national advisory board, and included strong Tribal engagement and outreach, coupled with a public health systems analysis and financial review.

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Public Health Institutes

Seven Directions is a member of the National Network of Public Health Institutes.  Public health institutes work with a range of multi-sector and multi-disciplinary partners towards a shared mission that creates conditions leading to improved health. Seven Directions aims to support the tribal and urban Indian public health system in much the same manner, but in a way that embodies Indigenous knowledge, practices and approaches to wellness.

Making the Case for an Indigenous PHI

News and Events

2018 Our Nations, Our Journeys Forum Materials Coming Soon!

‘Our Nations, Our Journeys’ Indigenous Public Health Forum
August 29-30, 2018
St. Paul, MN | Inter Continental Saint Paul Riverfront
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Resource – Tribal Public Health Accreditation Readiness Guidebook

CULTIVATING A CULTURE OF HIGH PERFORMANCE AND QUALITY: Lessons Learned from the Three Sisters – Corn, Squash and Beans
Free resource that serves as a helpful tool to plan, organize and benchmark your accreditation readiness activities, and a useful tool for monitoring your progress.
Download the Guidebook.  Download the Roadmap.

STARS in Public Health Workshop – Materials Available!

View workshop presentations and supporting materials online.
The year’s theme was ‘Navigating Tribal Public Health Accreditation Together’.  STARS in Public Health Workshop is the only national workshop to focus solely on Tribal public health accreditation readiness. Learn more.

Resource – Editorial Released!

The Impact of Public Health Accreditation: 10 Years of Lessons Learned
Free article available online.

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