Support for Tribal Accreditation Readiness and Success (STARS) in Public Health Workshop

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About the STARS in Public Health Workshop – 2018

The Support for Tribal Accreditation Readiness and Success (STARS) in Public Health Workshop aims to strengthen Tribal capacity for public health accreditation by providing a dynamic learning environment for learners at every level. The workshop is designed to support Tribal Health Departments (THDs) as they navigate the public health accreditation process.  This convening brings together Tribal public health professionals and leaders from across the US to share knowledge, build skills, and gain ground on exploring or preparing for public health accreditation.

The STARS in Public Health Workshop goals are to:

  • Build an Indigenous community of practice in public health.
  • Explore the benefits of Tribal public health accreditation and quality improvement.
  • Share stories about successes and challenges in Tribal public health practice.
  • Reaffirm the value of Tribally driven approaches to improving performance.
  • Honor the diversity of Tribes and pathways to public health accreditation.

2018 Workshop Materials

Bright Stars – For new learners

Tools of the Trade: Public Health Accreditation for Tribes
Presenter: David Stone, MS, CPLP, Public Health Accreditation Board
Resource: PPT presentation

Planning for Public Health Accreditation: Lessons Learned from the Three Sisters
Presenter: Keisha Musonda, MPH, Seven Directions, A Center for Indigenous Public Health
Resource: Guidebook and Roadmap

Health Disparity Data and Policy:  Increasing Health Equity in the Great Lakes Region
Presenter: Dean S. Seneca, MPH, MCURP, (Seneca Nation) Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Epidemiology Center
Resource: PPT presentation

Yellow Stars – Next step beyond basics, ready to deepen your understanding

Brand Strategy for Tribal Health Departments
Presenter: Sarah Beccio (Pueblo of Isleta) Indigecomms
Resource: Brand Strategy Handouts

From Strategic Vision to Performance Excellence (2-part)
Presenter: Nancy Young, MPA, Gray Horse Strategies
Resource: Coming soon!

Tribal Public Health Strategic Planning: Lessons Learned for Building Capacity and Pursuing Accreditation
Darin M. Prescott, Lower Sioux Health Care Center
Mariah Norwood, Lower Sioux Health Care Center
Pamela Thunder, Ho-Chunk Nation Health Department
Renee Brocker, Ho-Chunk Nation Health Department
Resource: Webinar

Blue Stars – Next step beyond basics, ready to deepen your understanding

Developing Effective Performance Measures and Measuring for Improvement
Presenters: Jeanette M. Ball and Jessie Jones, Michigan Public Health Institute
Resource: PPT presentation

Health Systems Best Practices: Empowerment, Mobilization, Policy Development
Presenters: Amber Ruffin, MPH, (Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation), and Michelle Adelmann, MPH, American Indian Cancer Foundation
Resource: PPT presentation

Connecting the Dots: Documentation Tells Your Story
Presenters: David Stone, MS, CPLP, Public Health Accreditation Board, and  Shane Dominick, BS (Choctaw), Cherokee Nation Public Health
Resource: PPT presentation

Promising Practices

Celebrating Our Successes: Engagement and Lessons Learned from Our Accreditation Journey
Presenters: Jodie Harris, BSN, RN (Forest County Potawatomi),  and Melanie Tatge, MPH, CHES, Community Health Outreach Manager, Forest County Potawatomi Community Health Department
Resource: Presi presentation

Embrace a Shift in Thinking: Action Plans for Tribes
Presenters: Shane Dominick (Chocktaw), Cherokee Nation Public Health
Resource: Coming soon!

Indigenous Health Systems: Development of a Tribal Performance Improvement Model 
Presenters: Christina Ore de Boehm, DrPH (Quechua-mestiza) and Shanna Tautolo, (Native Samoan) Pascua Yaqui Tribe, Health Services Division
Resource: PPT presentation

Success Stories

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